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Return Audience Hub

Return Audience Hub Dashboard

Understanding the Out of Home audience is critical for advertisers right now.

With our partners, adsquare, and powered by Clear Channel RADAR®’s market leading methodology, we’re monitoring a huge mobile dataset to learn how Clear Channel’s portfolio is currently performing vs. pre-lockdown levels.

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The data shows that the Out of Home audience has returned

The OOH audience has returned, and brands are jumping back onto our portfolio to capture their audiences attention. The robust data in the dashboard above shows our returning audiences in simple, digestible insights using Clear Channel Radar®’s market leading methodology.

What’s so good about the methodology? We’re analysing data of circa 7m devices, around 10% of all of the devices in the UK, with all of the data GDPR compliantly anonymised and aggregated. The super-granular level of our data means we can detect exposure to individual panels, rather than broad mapped areas, accurately monitoring and understanding the volume of audience exposure to our portfolio and environments.

Alongside a robust understand of our audiences, we’ve made Out of Home easy to buy to help advertisers reconnect with people as they emerge from lockdown.