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With an ever-growing, returning audience, we’re making coming back to Out of Home easier than ever before. (large text?)

Across our estate, we’re offering new, more flexible terms to make planning and booking campaigns even easier and help provide extra peace of mind.

To reflect current audiences on the UK’s streets, we’re using a new audience indexed pricing model, as to price campaigns fairly, meaning you’ll never miss out on value on your campaign. The roadside locations of both our digital and classic estates are particularly well placed in helping brands respond to rising traffic levels.

Clients can leverage the maximum flexibility of our DOOH portfolio for their benefit. The world is changing rapidly, so advertisers, should you require, are able to pause, change copy and change schedules for digital campaigns as you need too. You can also buy today, display tomorrow, with campaigns able to book last minute.

Improved cancellation terms mean campaigns booked to display in July or August, can be cancelled or deferred for free up to 14 days prior to start date. Any new campaigns booked to display between September and end of December, that haven’t been subject to a deferral, can now be cancelled for free up with a 28 day’s notice.

We know that it’s manic at the moment, and there are multiple pressing priorities! If getting your OOH artwork ready is proving a challenge, we’ll help you convert from its existing format, into a format that works for our digital estate, entirely free.

For more information and the full updated terms, please speak to a member of our sales team by completing the form below.


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