Day specific dynamic campaign
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Malls Live XL and Billboard Live - Dynamic Campaigns

We require all content for dynamic campaigns 3 weeks before the campaign live start date.

Campaign Overview

Your dynamic campaign will contain the following:

  • An SWF creative
  • A configuration file (JSON or XML)
  • A series of assets the SWF will depend on (images, XML or JSON data, FLV movie files)

SWF Specification

The SWF creative will be supplied to Clear Channel directly, and the remaining assets will be placed in your FTP.

The SWF will expect to receive the path to the configuration file as a FlashVar, such as:


The configuration file will contain all file names of assets.

A fallback image should be built into the SWF to display if the SWF cannot find the asset.

Dimension of SWF: Please see digital format dimensions
Length of creative: 10 seconds
File format: SWF version 10.2 or below
Frame rate: 25 or 30fps
Asset examples: FLV, JPEG, PNG, XML, JSON
Fallback creative: Static JPEG

FTP Publish Location

This will contain all the assets for your campaign including configuration files. Everything should be in the same folder, with no sub-folders. We will then set our system to poll the assets from this at an agreed time interval. Any dynamic changes you wish to make during your campaign you will add in here, remembering that all assets will need to be referenced in the configuration file.

Required FTP information:

  • FTP address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Folder on FTP where the assets are
  • Average number of files in folder

Configuration File

File names of all assets must be referenced in the configuration file, this will be provided by the client. 

You can supply your configuration file either in XML or JSON format. For example, in the following config file, for a campaign with a Jpeg, a weather data file and a data file; each asset is given an id, and the path is set to the asset name:

<asset id="image1" path=“image1.jpg” />
<asset id="weather" path=“weatherData.xml” />
<asset id="data" path=“dataFile.xml” />

Local Info

You can program your SWF file to read data that is specific to the individual display and use it to modify your creative. 

Each Player has a unique Digital Unit ID to identify the panel. With this, you can use the metadata to customise each panel to output specific data relevant to the campaign. 

You can use this information to:

  • Display text within your creative e.g “Enjoying your day in Bristol?”
  • Use positional data to fetch a live data feed (e.g. weather) that is tailored to the exact location of the panel
  • Show/hide creative based on location, district, panel orientation, etc

The data is contained within a simple XML file. For example:


Clear Channel will provide a Master Site List that contains the digitalUnitIds of all panels in our plant along with the corresponding Frame ID, Panel ID, location, latitude, longitude, etc. 

You will need to cross-reference the Master Site List with the 'upsite' provided by your specialist (this contains a list of sites booked) to create a 'datafile' XML / JSON file that contains the digitalUnitId of every site in the booking and specifies the required copy for each site.

If you have any technical questions regarding the build, please contact the Live Services team at