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96-sheet Billboards Specification

Supplying Content

Please supply all content no later than 10 working days before the campaign live date. The email subject line should follow the structure:

[Format] - [Advertiser] - [Brand] - [Product] - [Start Date] - [Contract Number (optional)]


EG: 96-sheet - Mr Smith - SportSmith - Clothes - 29/06/2019 - 412345

Creating Content

If you are providing content to be printed by Clear Channel, please use the below specifications.

For Backlight 96-sheet billboard (B96) specifications please email:

Static Content

Size: 1,219.2mm x 304.8mm
(tenth size 10%)
Safe copy area: 1,139.2mm x 274.8mm
(tenth size 10%)
DPI: 300dpi (minimum) / 450dpi (best)
File Type: CMYK
File Format: High Resolution PDF
Text Format: Outlined vectors for upscaling
Printed Size (for reference): 12,192mm x 3,048mm
(full size 100%)

Printing Specification

If you are printing your own ads, please follow the below guidelines.

  • Full Size: 12,192mm x 3,048mm
  • Safe Area: 11,392mm x 2,748mm
  • Printed as 24x Individual Panels: 1,016mm x 1,524mm
  • Printing: Blue-backed paper is recommended. Background colour should bleed to all edges
  • Trimming and Finishing: All 12 sections must be printed on individual sheets, measuring 1,016mm wide and 1,524mm deep, including UNPRINTED overlaps of 10mm, where specified.
    • TOP SHEETS need a 10mm rain overlap UNPRINTED on the right hand side only, except for sheet 12 that has no overlap
    • BOTTOM SHEETS need a 10mm rain overlap UNPRINTED on the top and right hand side, except for sheet 24 that only needs a top overlap
  • Paper Weight: 115 gsm blue backing poster paper
  • Spare Posters: A minimum of 20% spares is recommended.
  • Poster Delivery:
    • Please deliver posters collated in the sequence shown in the line drawing, French-folded and wrapped in packages of no more than 10
    • All packages must be clearly labelled indicating the advertiser, the number of designs, the quantity of each design and the start date
  • Delivery Deadline: 10 working days before start date

For depot addresses and information, to provide design distribution instructions, or for any other information please email:

All content must comply with our Terms and Conditions.


Artwork Templates

96-sheet Billboard .indd