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CC Presents: Contagious

Helping those still curious cats delve deep into the best possible way of delivering on those all important brand and campaign objectives, browse through some of the smartest advertising insights and even more binge-worthy learning content in our Objectives Unlocked series.

Objectives Unlocked
CC Presents: Contagious

Smart thinking from the Contagious Lockdown Learning livestreams, and from our very own insight geniuses, these webinars are great refreshers as to the joy of Out of Home for all those curious cats and kittens out there.

Lockdown Learning
Artist in Residence
Clear Channel Presents

Martin Firrell

Martin Firrell was Clear Channel’s Artist in Residence throughout 2019.

We partnered to display a series of thought-provoking, discussion-generating and debate-worthy public artworks exploring a range of taboo societal topics during his residency.

It includes perspectives, posters and panel discussions on social change, power, gender, race, culture and class.

We got through quite alot together, and made one hell of a journey, in our short time together.